Kitchen Hours

Our kitchen closes one (1) hour before restaurant closing time. Our full bar offerings are provided for our guests to enjoy during the last hour of our restaurant service.

No Reservations Accepted

BODHI operates on a first come, first served basis-no reservations are accepted. Guests must check-in in person to be placed on the waitlist—no call ahead. Bar seatings are part of the waitlist.

Patio Closure & Table Time Allotment

During times of patio closure (winter season, inclement weather, etc.), we become very limited in our seating capacity. In order to properly accommodate our guests, your table will be reserved for 1 hour and 30 minutes. We also will not be able to accommodate any parties larger than 8 during patio closure, including splitting them into smaller tables. Everyone in the party must be present before the group is seated.

Valid & Physical IDs Required

BODHI is a 21+ establishment. According to state law, we must check IDs regardless of age. We cannot accept photos of IDs. Thank you so much!

Outside Food/Drink & Pet Policies

Due to the Indiana health code, we do not allow outside food or drinks in our establishment, including birthday cakes, desserts, etc. No pet animals are allowed in our establishment, both inside and on the patio.

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